Need a thesis to order, but there are restrictions on the timing. How long will it take to write?

We can start work immediately. The term for which the thesis work is done to order depends on the requirements that you make to it, the amount of work. Also, if the thesis work is not performed on a rare, narrow topic, it reduces the time, because the authors will have a larger amount of literature available for processing. For 2 days, a high-quality graduate work on order cannot be prepared, so you should contact our specialists in advance.


Who is thesis written to order? This is very important for me, I can not entrust the work to amateurs.

Your diploma work on order is carried out by educated, professional staff. The authors possess the necessary knowledge, have vast experience necessary for the graduation work to order to meet the standards. By agreement, your diploma work on order can be completed by graduate students or teachers who cooperate with us and are our regular authors.


If, after checking by the supervisor, the diploma work on order requires adjustment, what should be done?

We guarantee high-quality execution of the order. But if your diploma supervisor has any complaints, the diploma work to order can be urgently edited. However, in order for a thesis to order to make a proper impression, we recommend initially providing the authors with methodological recommendations on its preparation. Any inaccuracies that the thesis contains to order, arising out of our fault, are corrected free of charge.


The head of the thesis was commissioned 3 weeks ago. He is sick. What if something needs to be changed?

Cases that completed thesis work on order needs to be changed are rare. If this happens, we will solve the problem. The guarantee that the thesis work on order is accepted for additional editing is the following: availability of a review; inconsistencies in the thesis work relate only to the pre-specified requirements; graduate work on order was received less than 6 months ago. Conditions apply to all types of work performed.